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  • Genome-wide association study identifies five loci associated with lung function 

    E, Repapi; I, Sayers; LV, Wain; RB, Burton; T, Johnson; M, Obeidat; JH, Zhao; A, Ramasamy; G, Zhai; V, Vitart; JE, Huffman; W, Igl; E, Albrecht; P, Deloukas; J, Henderson; J, Granell; WL, McArdle; AR, Rudnicka; Consortium, Wellcome Trust Case Control; I, Barroso; RJF, Loos; NJ, Wareham; L, Mustelin; Rantanen, Taina; I, Surakka; M, Imboden; HE, Wichmann; I, Grkovic; S, Jankovic; L, Zgaga; A, Hartikainen; L, Peltonen; U, Gyllensten; Å, Johansson; G, Zaboli; H, Campbell; SH, Wild; JF, Wilson; S, Gläser; G, Homuth; H, Völzke; M, Mangino; N, Soranzo; TD, Spector; O, Polašek; I, Rudan; AF, Wright; M, Heliövaara; S, Ripatti; A, Pouta; Å, Torinsson Naluai; A, Olin; K, Torén; MN, Cooper; AL, James; LJ, Palmer; AD, Hingorani; SG, Wannamethee; PH, Whincup; GD, Smith; S, Ebrahim; TM, McKeever; ID, Pavord; AK, MacLeod; AD, Morris; DJ, Porteous; C, Cooper; E, Dennison; S, Shaheen; S, Karrasch; E, Schnabel; H, Schulz; H, Grallert; N, Bouatia-Naji; J, Delplanque; P, Froguel; JD, Blakey; Team, The NSHD Respiratory Study; JR, Britton; RW, Morris; JW, Holloway; DA, Lawlor; J, Hui; F, Nyberg; M, Jarvelin; C, Jackson; M, Kähönen; J, Kaprio; NM, Probst-Hensch; B, Koch; C, Hayward; DE, Evans; P, Elliott; DP, Strachan; IP, Hall; MD, Tobin (Nature Publishing Group, 2010)
    Pulmonary function measures are heritable traits that predict morbidity and mortality and define chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). We tested genome-wide association with forced expiratory volume in 1 s (FEV1) ...
  • Towards humane digitization : a wellbeing-driven process of personas creation 

    Nurhas, Irawan; Pawlowski, Jan M.; Geisler, Stefan (ACM, 2019)
    Digital transformation is a process of digitizing the working and living environment in which people are at the center of digitization. In this paper, we present a personas-based guideline for system developers on how the ...
  • Precision measurements of the charge radii of potassium isotopes 

    Koszorús, Á.; Yang, X. F.; Billowes, J.; Binnersley, C. L.; Bissell, M. L.; Cocolios, T. E.; Farooq-Smith, G. J.; de Groote, R. P.; Flanagan, K. T.; Franchoo, S.; Garcia Ruiz, R. F.; Geldhof, S.; Gins, W.; Kanellakopoulos, A.; Lynch, K. M.; Neyens, G.; Stroke, H. H.; Vernon, A. R.; Wendt, K. D. A.; Wilkins, S. G. (American Physical Society, 2019)
    Precision nuclear charge radii measurements in the light-mass region are essential for understanding the evolution of nuclear structure, but their measurement represents a great challenge for experimental techniques. At ...
  • Addressing health literacy in schools in the WHO European Region 

    Paakkari, Leena; Inchley, Jo; Schulz, Anette; Weber, Martin W.; Okan, Orkan (WHO Regional Office for Europe, 2019)
    Health literacy is a key determinant of health (1). Several studies have reported a positive association between high levels of health literacy and better health outcomes in children (2-4). For example, the WHO collaborative ...

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