Recent Submissions

  • Ohjaajat työssään 2017 – Tutkimustiedote 

    Rantanen, Johanna; Silvonen, Jussi (Suomen Opinto-ohjaajat ry, 2018)
    Ohjaajat työssään 2017 –tutkimus toteutettiin vuoden 2017 lokakuussa sähköisenä kyselynä, joka suunnattiin niin opinto- ja oppilaanohjaajille kuin muillekin opinto-ohjauksen koulutuksen käyneille ohjausalan ammattilaisille ...
  • Re-thinking Nicholas J. Spykman : from historical sociology to balance of power 

    Holmila, Antero (Routledge, 2019)
    This article examines Nicholas J. Spykman’s scholarship beyond geopolitics and International Relations (IR). Because his works have mainly been studied through these prisms, I argue that we have overlooked the most important ...
  • Ambivalent Emotional Experiences of Everyday Visual and Musical Objects 

    Maksimainen, Johanna P.; Eerola, Tuomas; Saarikallio, Suvi H. (Sage Publications, 2019)
    Art brings rich, pleasurable experiences to our daily lives. However, many theories of art and aesthetics focus on specific strong experiences—in the contexts of museums, galleries, and concert halls and the aesthetic ...
  • Genome-wide meta-analyses of multiancestry cohorts identify multiple new susceptibility loci for refractive error and myopia 

    Verhoeven, Virginie; Hysi, Pirro; Wojciechowski, Robert; QiaoFan; Guggenheim, Jeremy; Höhn, Rene; Macgregor, Stuart; Hewitt, Alex; Nag, Abhishek; Cheng, Ching-Yu; Yonova-Doing, Ekaterina; Zhou, Xin; Ikram, Kamran; Buitendijk, Gabrielle; McMahon, George; Kemp, John; Pourcain, Beate; Simpson, Claire; Mäkelä, Kari-Matti; Pärssinen, Olavi (Nature Publishing Group, 2013)
    Refractive error is the most common eye disorder worldwide and is a prominent cause of blindness. Myopia affects over 30% of Western populations and up to 80% of Asians. The CREAM consortium conducted genome-wide meta-analyses, ...
  • Electron microscopy of gold nanoparticles at atomic resolution 

    Azubel, Maia; Koivisto, Jaakko; Malola, Sami; Bushnell, David; Hura, Greg L.; Koh, Ai Leen; Tsunoyama, Hironori; Tsukuda, Tatsuya; Pettersson, Mika; Häkkinen, Hannu; Kornberg, Roger D. (American Association for the Advancement of Science, 2014)
    Structure determination of gold nanoparticles (AuNPs) is necessary for understanding their physical and chemical properties, but only one AuNP larger than 1 nanometer in diameter [a 102–gold atom NP (Au102NP)] has been ...

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