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  • Co-Designing Urban Carbon Sink Parks : Case Carbon Lane in Helsinki 

    Tammeorg, Priit; Soronen, Päivi; Riikonen, Anu; Salo, Esko; Tikka, Suvi; Koivunen, Minja; Salonen, Anna-Reetta; Kopakkala, Topi; Jalas, Mikko (Frontiers Media SA, 2021)
    In order to achieve the goals of carbon (C) neutrality within next 20 year, municipalities worldwide need to increasingly apply negative emission technologies. We focus on the main principles of urban demonstration areas ...
  • Quenching of the SnSbTe Cycle in the rp-Process 

    Elomaa, Viki-Veikko; Vorobjev, Gleb; Kankainen, Anu; Batist, L.; Eliseev, S.; Eronen, Tommi; Hakala, Jani; Jokinen, Ari; Moore, Iain; Novikov, Yuri; Penttilä, Heikki; Popov, Andrey; Rahaman, Saidur; Rissanen, Juho; Saastamoinen, Antti; Schatz, H.; Seliverstov, Dmitry; Weber, Christine; Äystö, Juha (American Physical Society, 2009)
  • Towards early risk biomarkers : serum metabolic signature in childhood predicts cardio-metabolic risk in adulthood 

    Ojanen, Xiaowei; Cheng, Runtan; Törmäkangas, Timo; Rappaport, Noa; Wilmanski, Tomasz; Wu, Na; Fung, Erik; Nedelec, Rozenn; Sebert, Sylvain; Vlachopoulos, Dimitris; Yan, Wei; Price, Nathan D.; Cheng, Sulin; Wiklund, Petri (Elsevier, 2021)
    Background Cardiovascular diseases may originate in childhood. Biomarkers identifying individuals with increased risk for disease are needed to support early detection and to optimise prevention strategies. Methods In ...
  • Patterns of inter- and intra-regional differences in human capital and earnings : Evidence from Finland and Sweden 1987–2015 

    Eliasson, Kent; Haapanen, Mika; Westerlund, Olle (Elsevier Ltd., 2021)
    In this paper, we examine the long-term patterns of geographical disparities in human capital and income in Finland and Sweden over the period 1987–2015. Using nationwide longitudinal population register data, we analyze ...
  • Multi-currency regime and markets in early nineteenth-century Finland 

    Voutilainen, Miikka; Turunen, Riina; Ojala, Jari (Cambridge University Press, 2020)
    Pre-industrial money supply typically consisted of multiple, often foreign currencies. Standard economic theory implies that this entails welfare loss due to transaction costs imposed by currency exchange. Through a study ...

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