Recent Submissions

  • A new off-line ion source facility at IGISOL 

    Vilén, Markus; Canete, Laetitia; Cheal, B.; Giatzoglou, A.; de Groote, Ruben; de Roubin, Antoine; Eronen, Tommi; Geldhof, Sarina; Jokinen, Ari; Kankainen, Anu; Moore, Iain; Nesterenko, Dmitrii; Penttilä, Heikki; Pohjalainen, Ilkka; Reponen, Mikael; Rinta-Antila, Sami (Elsevier, 2020)
    An off-line ion source station has been commissioned at the IGISOL (Ion Guide Isotope Separator On-Line) facility. It offers the infrastructure needed to produce stable ion beams from three off-line ion sources in parallel ...
  • Antiferromagnetism and p‐type conductivity of nonstoichiometric nickel oxide thin films 

    Napari, Mari; Huq, Tahmida N.; Maity, Tuhin; Gomersall, Daisy; Niang, Kham M.; Barthel, Armin; Thompson, Juliet E.; Kinnunen, Sami; Arstila, Kai; Sajavaara, Timo; Hoye, Robert L. Z.; Flewitt, Andrew J.; MacManus-Driscoll, Judith L. (John Wiley & Sons, 2020)
  • Much more than a clasp : evolutionary patterns of amplexus diversity in anurans 

    Carvajal-Castro, Juan D.; Lopez-Aguirre, Yelenny; Maria Ospina-L, Ana; Santos, Juan C.; Rojas, Bibiana; Vargas-Salinas, Fernando (Oxford University Press, 2020)
    The evolution and diversification of animal reproductive modes have been pivotal questions in behavioural ecology. Amphibians present the highest diversity of reproductive modes among vertebrates, involving various ...
  • Superfluid weight and Berezinskii-Kosterlitz-Thouless transition temperature of twisted bilayer graphene 

    Julku, Aleksi; Peltonen, Teemu J.; Liang, Long; Heikkilä, Tero T.; Törmä, Päivi (American Physical Society, 2020)
    We study superconductivity of twisted bilayer graphene with local and nonlocal attractive interactions. We obtain the superfluid weight and Berezinskii-Kosterlitz-Thouless (BKT) transition temperature for microscopic ...
  • High-multiplicity muon events observed with EMMA array 

    Trzaska, Wladyslaw Henryk; Bezrukov, Leonid; Enqvist, Timo; Inzhechik, Lev; Joutsenvaara, Jari; Kuusiniemi, Pasi; Loo, Kai; Lubsandorzhiev, Bayarto; Słupecki, Maciej (IOP Publishing, 2020)
    High-multiplicity data, collected with a segmented scintillator array of the cosmic-ray experiment EMMA (Experiment with Multi-Muon Array), is presented for the first time. The measurements were done at the depth of 75 ...

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