JYX contains digital materials of University of Jyväskylä from master's and licentiate theses to dissertations and from digitized journals to originally electronic materials. The majority of the collection is openly available. There may, however, be also some restricted items as well.

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  • Positive system design for intergenerational innovation 

    Nurhas, Irawan (2022)
    Digital technology is increasingly becoming a part of life and culture in society, and it must be consciously designed for the long-term benefit of humanity. Today, information systems are designed to do more than fulfill ...
  • Big data and HR analytics in the digital era 

    Dahlbom, Pauli; Siikanen, Noora; Sajasalo, Pasi; Järvenpää, Marko (Emerald, 2019)
    Purpose The purpose of this paper is to focus on how the HR function takes advantage of human resource analytics (HRA), including big data (BD), and discuss factors hindering HRA and data utilization. Moreover, the authors ...
  • Atomic Layer Deposition of Intermetallic Fe4Zn9 Thin Films from Diethyl Zinc 

    Ghiyasi, Ramin; Philip, Anish; Liu, Ji; Julin, Jaakko; Sajavaara, Timo; Nolan, Michael; Karppinen, Maarit (American Chemical Society (ACS), 2022)
    We present a new type of atomic layer deposition (ALD) process for intermetallic thin films, where diethyl zinc (DEZ) serves as a coreactant. In our proof-of-concept study, FeCl3 is used as the second precursor. The FeCl3 ...
  • Lipas-data 04/2022 

    Lamberg, Anne; Laakso, Tapani (2022-04-29)
    Tämä aineisto sisältää kaikki Lipas-tietokannan liikuntapaikat ja aineistotiedot 29.4.2022. Data on luokiteltu, ja jokaiselle liikuntapaikalle on oma Lipas-ID. Data on tarjolla Esri Shapefile -muodossa (pisteet, reitit ja alueet).
  • Dataset for Mucin induces CRISPR-Cas defense in an opportunistic pathogen 

    Sundberg, Lotta-Riina; Rantanen, Noora; Almeida, Gabriel MF; Ravantti, Janne; Hoikkala, Ville (2022-05-27)
    This dataset contains raw data points of (1) phage-bacterium co-evolution experiment (flavobacterium columnare colony counts, phage counts, bacterial growth characteristics and number of CRISPR-Cas spacers) and (2) from ...

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