Recent Submissions

  • Expert Drivers’ Prospective Thinking-Aloud to Enhance Automated Driving Technologies : Investigating Uncertainty and Anticipation in Traffic 

    Grahn, Hilkka; Kujala, Tuomo; Silvennoinen, Johanna; Leppänen, Aino; Saariluoma, Pertti (Elsevier BV, 2020)
    Current automated driving technology cannot cope in numerous conditions that are basic daily driving situations for human drivers. Previous studies show that profound understanding of human drivers’ capability to interpret ...
  • Blockchain-Empowered Drone Networks : Architecture, Features, and Future 

    Chang, Zheng; Guo, Wenlong; Guo, Xijuan; Chen, Tao; Min, Geyong; Abualnaja, Khamael M.; Mumtaz, Shahid (IEEE, 2021)
    The future mobile communication system is expected to provide ubiquitous connectivity and unprecedented services over billions of devices. The flying drone, also known as unmanned aerial vehicle, is prominent in its ...
  • A parallel domain decomposition method for the Helmholtz equation in layered media 

    Heikkola, Erkki; Ito, Kazufumi; Toivanen, Jari (Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics, 2019)
    An efficient domain decomposition method and its parallel implementation for the solution of the Helmholtz equation in three-dimensional layered media are considered. A modified trilinear finite element discretization ...
  • Hypervisor memory acquisition for ARM 

    Ben Yehuda, Raz; Shlingbaum, Erez; Gershfeld, Yuval; Tayouri, Shaked; Zaidenberg, Nezer Jacob (Elsevier, 2021)
    Cyber forensics use memory acquisition in advanced forensics and malware analysis. We propose a hypervisor based memory acquisition tool. Our implementation extends the volatility memory forensics framework by reducing the ...
  • Energy Efficient Optimization for Solar-Powered UAV Communications System 

    Song, Xu; Chang, Zheng; Guo, Xijuan; Wu, Peiliang; Hämäläinen, Timo (IEEE, 2021)
    In this work, we explore the energy efficiency optimization for a solar-powered unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) communications system. We consider a scenario where a number of ground users (GUs) connect with a solar-powered ...

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