Recent Submissions

  • Design challenges and opportunities of 3D printing 

    Tuovinen, Tero; Leppänen, Teemu; Erkkilä, Anna-Leena; Periaux, Jacques (European Community on Computational Methods in Applied Sciences ECCOMAS, 2019)
    In the future, the number and complexity of products made using additive manufacturing (AM) techniques will increase rapidly. The development of softwares and algorithms related to ...
  • Marimekon henki : paikka, tila ja autenttisuus 

    Rousi, Rebekah (Jyväskylän yliopisto, 2016)
  • Examining Enterprise Architecture Definitions : Implications from Theory and Practice 

    Nurmi, Jarkko; Penttinen, Katja; Seppänen, Ville (Association for Information Systems, 2019)
    This study explores the evolving discipline of Enterprise Architecture (EA) and the various definitions given to EA in literature and by practitioners. Due to the potential benefits, such as business and IT alignment, ...
  • Exact extension of the DIRECT algorithm to multiple objectives 

    Lovison, Alberto; Miettinen, Kaisa (American Institute of Physics, 2019)
    The direct algorithm has been recognized as an efficient global optimization method which has few requirements of regularity and has proven to be globally convergent in general cases. direct has been an inspiration or has ...
  • Moral sensitivity in information security dilemmas 

    Mohammadnazar, Hojat; Ghanbari, Hadi; Siponen, Mikko (Association for Information Systems, 2019)
    Activities that undermine information security such as noncompliance with information security policies raise moral concerns since they can expose valuable information assets. Existing research shows that moral reflection ...

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