Recent Submissions

  • Teachers’ pedagogical and relational identity negotiation in the Finnish CLIL context 

    Pappa, Sotiria; Moate, Josephine; Ruohotie-Lyhty, Maria; Eteläpelto, Anneli (Pergamon Press, 2017)
    This study explores the professional identity of Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) teachers in Finnish primary education. It aims at explaining how CLIL teachers negotiate their pedagogical and relational ...
  • Ambiguity and difference: Two feminist ethics of the present 

    Heinämaa, Sara (Oxford University Press, 2018)
    The chapter studies the ethical dimensions of Beauvoir’s existentialism and Irigaray’s ontology of difference. It argues that Irigaray builds on one central but largely neglected result of Beauvoir’s moral philosophical ...
  • Cultivating cultural sustainability in farming practices 

    Soini, Katriina; Huttunen, Suvi (Routledge, 2018)
    The aim of this chapter is to explore agricultural practices and their sustainability, in order to analyse the essence and dynamics of culture in relation to sustainable development. We ask, what should sustain in culture ...
  • Fellmanin suvun Lapponica-kokoelma sen provenancen valossa 

    Capdeville, Sophie Alix (Pohjois-Suomen historiallinen yhdistys, 2019)
    Fellmanin suvun Lapponica-kokoelma on mitä arvokkain todistus tieteiden kehityksestä Suomessa 1800- ja 1900-luvun vaihteessa. Tarkastelen artikkelissani kokoelman omistushistoriaa soveltaen provenance-lähestymistapaa. ...
  • Global climate policies, local institutions and food security in a pastoral society in Ethiopia 

    Virtanen, Pekka; Palmujoki, Eero; Gemechu, Dereje Terefe (Columbia University, 2011)
    This paper explores climate change adaptation within national policy priorities in a least developed country (LDC). The premise of the article is that when considering food security, climate is an exogenous trigger, while ...

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