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  • Paljon iloa perhekirjeistä 

    Frigren, Pirita (Suomen Sukututkimusseura, 2018)
  • Preparing an emotionally expressive vocal performance 

    Condon, Shawn (Stockholms Musikpedagogiska Institut, 2018)
    This paper explores the processes, strategies, and methods used when preparing an expressive vocal performance from the point-of-view of the artist. The study tracked the development and performance preparation of 13 ...
  • Tensions and resilience : the experiences of adult foster-care workers in Finland 

    Leinonen, Emilia (Policy Press, 2018)
    This article examines adult foster care for older people in Finland. This is a semi-formal service in which older people are cared for by foster carers who are remunerated for their work by the local municipality. In the ...
  • The Rise and Fall of the Unhasu Orchestra 

    Korhonen, Pekka; Koidl, Werner (British Association for Korean Studies, 2018)
    The Ŭnhasu Orchestra was a major North Korean ensemble in 2009-2013. It was established by Kim Jong Il [Kim Chŏngil] and was composed of young musicians and singers of both genders, several of them having studied in ...
  • Oikeus kaupunkiin 

    Lohtaja, Aleksi (Yhdyskuntasuunnittelun seura, 2018)

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