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  • Avicenna’s Outsourced Rationalism 

    Kaukua, Jari (Johns Hopkins University Press, 2020)
    This paper refutes the claim that Avicenna's theory of science is empiricist in the robust, Lockean sense. I argue that his denial of innatism notwithstanding, the theory of formal identity, together with the metaphysical ...
  • Immanente Kritik und soziales Leben. Selbsttransformative Praxis nach Hegel und Dewey 

    Arentshorst, Hans (Routledge, Taylor & Francis, 2020)
  • Responses to vulnerability : care ethics and the technologisation of eldercare 

    Hämäläinen, Antti (Policy Press, 2020)
    This article argues for a re-conceptualisation of care relations and uses the re-conceptualisation to scrutinise the way in which technology is adopted in eldercare practices. First, it draws on the definition of care as ...
  • Marxist Influences in Psychology 

    Laine-Frigren, Tuomas (Oxford University Press, 2020)
    Marxist ideas influenced and inspired psychological thinking and practice in the 20th century in a range of ways. In different parts of the world, unique versions of Marxist psychology emerged as answers to questions and ...
  • Supportive Communication in the Workplace 

    Mikkola, Leena (Routledge, 2020)
    Supportive communication is a form of social interaction that produces resources with which to solve situational problems and manage emotional strain. Through the management of uncertainty, supportive communication enhances ...

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