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  • Rising rural body-mass index is the main driver of the global obesity epidemic in adults 

    NCD Risk Factor Collaboration; Kujala, Urho (Nature Publishing Group, 2019)
    Body-mass index (BMI) has increased steadily in most countries in parallel with a rise in the proportion of the population who live in cities. This has led to a widely reported view that urbanization is one of the most ...
  • Association analyses identify 31 new risk loci for colorectal cancer susceptibility 

    Law, Philip J.; Timofeeva, Maria; Fernandez-Rozadilla, Ceres; Broderick, Peter; Studd, James; Fernandez-Tajes, Juan; Farrington, Susan; Svinti, Victoria; Palles, Claire; Orlando, Giulia; Sud, Amit; Holroyd, Amy; Penegar, Steven; Theodoratou, Evropi; Vaughan-Shaw, Peter; Campbell, Harry; Zgaga, Lina; Hayward, Caroline; Campbell, Archie; Harris, Sarah; Deary, Ian J.; Starr, John; Gatcombe, Laura; Pinna, Maria; Briggs, Sarah; Martin, Lynn; Jaeger, Emma; Sharma-Oates, Archana; East, James; Leedham, Simon; Arnold, Roland; Johnstone, Elaine; Wang, Haitao; Kerr, David; Kerr, Rachel; Maughan, Tim; Kaplan, Richard; Al-Tassan, Nada; Palin, Kimmo; Hänninen, Ulrika A.; Cajuso, Tatiana; Tanskanen, Tomas; Kondelin, Johanna; Kaasinen, Eevi; Sarin, Antti-Pekka; Eriksson, Johan G.; Rissanen, Harri; Knekt, Paul; Pukkala, Eero; Jousilahti, Pekka; Salomaa, Veikko; Ripatti, Samuli; Palotie, Aarno; Renkonen-Sinisalo, Laura; Lepistö, Anna; Böhm, Jan; Mecklin, Jukka-Pekka; Buchanan, Daniel D.; Win, Aung-Ko; Hopper, John; Jenkins, Mark E.; Lindor, Noralane M.; Newcomb, Polly A.; Gallinger, Steven; Duggan, David; Casey, Graham; Hoffmann, Per; Nöthen, Markus M.; Jöckel, Karl-Heinz; Easton, Douglas F.; Pharoah, Paul D. P.; Peto, Julian; Canzian, Federico; Swerdlow, Anthony; Eeles, Rosalind A.; Kote-Jarai, Zsofia; Muir, Kenneth; Pashayan, Nora; consortium, The PRACTICAL; Harkin, Andrea; Allan, Karen; McQueen, John; Paul, James; Iveson, Timothy; Saunders, Mark; Butterbach, Katja; Chang-Claude, Jenny; Hoffmeister, Michael; Brenner, Hermann; Kirac, Iva; Matošević, Petar; Hofer, Philipp; Brezina, Stefanie; Gsur, Andrea; Cheadle, Jeremy P.; Aaltonen, Lauri A.; Tomlinson, Ian; Houlston, Richard S.; Dunlop, Malcolm G. (Nature Publishing Group, 2019)
    Colorectal cancer (CRC) is a leading cause of cancer-related death worldwide, and has a strong heritable basis. We report a genome-wide association analysis of 34,627 CRC cases and 71,379 controls of European ancestry ...
  • Association of childhood adversities and home atmosphere with functioning in old age : the Helsinki birth cohort study 

    von Bonsdorff, Mikaela; Kokko, Katja; Salonen, Minna; von Bonsdorff, Monika; Poranen-Clark, Taina; Alastalo, Hanna; Kajantie, Eero; Osmond, Clive; Eriksson, Johan G. (Oxford University Press, 2019)
    Objective: childhood adversities have been linked with adverse health outcomes, but less is known about the long-term consequences of childhood home atmosphere. We investigated whether childhood adversities and home ...
  • Maternal adiposity in pregnancy and offspring asthma in adulthood 

    Westberg, Anna P.; Salonen, Minna K.; von Bonsdorff, Mikaela; Osmond, Clive; Kajantie, Eero; Eriksson, Johan G. (European Respiratory Society, 2018)
  • Physiological and Molecular Adaptations to Strength Training 

    Ahtiainen, Juha (Springer, 2019)
    High muscle contraction forces that lead to gains in muscle function, size, and strength characterize resistance exercise training. The purpose of this chapter is to outline the adaptations in myofiber size and metabolism ...

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