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  • Mobile financial services : Introduction, definition, and conceptualization 

    Shaikh, Aijaz A.; Karjaluoto, Heikki (Routledge, 2019)
    Incumbent business models in banking and payment are continuously challenged by new competition and evolving consumer expectations as banking and payment landscape have increasingly moved digital and mobile. Mobile financial ...
  • Ulkonäkö korostuu johtamisessa 

    Lämsä, Anna-Maija (Kansanvalistusseura, 2016)
  • The wage curve and local monopsony power 

    Jokinen, Juho (Springer, 2020)
    Using longitudinal micro-data from Finland, a country with a geographically dispersed population and relatively long distances between local labor markets, this paper examines the responsiveness of the pay level to local ...
  • School Tracking and Mental Health 

    Böckerman, Petri; Haapanen, Mika; Jepsen, Christopher; Roulet, Alexandra (IZA Institute of Labor Economics, 2019)
    We examine the effects of a comprehensive school reform on mental health. The reform postponed the tracking of students into vocational and academic schools from age 11 to age 16. The reform was implemented gradually across ...
  • Career counselling at Indian universities : Cases from different regions 

    Lämsä, Anna-Maija; Heikkinen, Suvi; Singh, Rahul; Himanshi, Tiwari; Muncherji, Nina; Beinhauer, Rupert (Bloomsbury, 2019)
    Career studies indicate that individuals are increasingly responsible for their own careers, which seem to be more diverse than ever. This raises a question for universities regarding how they can develop their career ...

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