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  • Understanding the Study Experiences of Students in Low Agency Profile : Towards a Smart Education Approach 

    Heilala, Ville; Jääskelä, Päivikki; Kärkkäinen, Tommi; Saarela, Mirka (Springer, 2020)
    In this paper, we use student agency analytics to examine how university students who assessed to have low agency resources describe their study experiences. Students ( n=292 ) completed the Agency of University Students ...
  • The Fourth Industrial Revolution and Changes to Working Life : What Supports Adult Employees in Adapting to New Technology at Work? 

    Nygren, Hanna; Virolainen, Maarit; Hämäläinen, Raija; Rautopuro, Juhani (Palgrave Macmillan, 2020)
    This chapter aims to increase current understanding of adults' individual learning pathways and needs when adapting to new technology. We review adults' overall technology skills and depict, through chosen examples, how ...
  • Precise measurement of 2νββ decay of 100Mo with the CUPID-Mo detection technology 

    Armengaud, E.; Augier, C.; Barabash, A. S.; Bellini, F.; Benato, G.; Benoît, A.; Beretta, M.; Bergé, L.; Billard, J.; Borovlev, Yu. A.; Bourgeois, Ch.; Briere, M.; Brudanin, V.; Camus, P.; Cardani, L.; Casali, N.; Cazes, A.; Chapellier, M.; Charlieux, F.; de Combarieu, M.; Dafinei, I.; Danevich, F. A.; De Jesus, M.; Dumoulin, L.; Eitel, K.; Elkhoury, E.; Ferri, F.; Fujikawa, B. K.; Gascon, J.; Gironi, L.; Giuliani, A.; Grigorieva, V. D.; Gros, M.; Guerard, E.; Helis, D. L.; Huang, H. Z.; Huang, R.; Johnston, J.; Juillard, A.; Khalife, H.; Kleifges, M.; Kobychev, V. V.; Kolomensky, Yu. G.; Konovalov, S. I.; Leder, A.; Kotila, J.; Loaiza, P.; Ma, L.; Makarov, E. P.; de Marcillac, P; Marini, L.; Marnieros, S.; Misiak, D.; Navick, X.-F.; Nones, C.; Novati, V.; Olivieri, E.; Ouellet, J. L.; Pagnanini, L.; Pari, P.; Pattavina, L.; Paul, B.; Pavan, M.; Peng, H.; Pessina, G.; Pirro, S.; Poda, D. V.; Polischuk, O. G.; Previtali, E.; Redon, Th.; Rozov, S.; Rusconi, C.; Sanglard, V.; Schäffner, K.; Schmidt, B.; Shen, Y.; Shlegel, V. N.; Siebenborn, B.; Singh, V.; Tomei, C.; Tretyak, V. I.; Umatov, V. I.; Vagneron, L.; Velázquez, M.; Weber, M.; Welliver, B.; Winslow, L.; Xue, M.; Yakushev, E.; Zolotarova, A. S. (Springer, 2020)
    We report the measurement of the two-neutrino double-beta () decay of Mo to the ground state of Ru using lithium molybdate () scintillating bolometers. The detectors were developed for the CUPID-Mo program and operated at ...
  • Integrating STEM-related Technologies into Mathematics Education at Large Scale 

    Lavicza, Zsolt; Prodromou, Theodosia; Fenyvesi, Kristof; Hohenwarter, Markus; Juhos, Istvan; Koren, Balazs (Research Information Ltd., 2020)
    This paper outlines the growing phenomenon and need to integrate technologies into mathematics and science teaching and learning. There are a number of successful projects for valuable integration of technologies around ...
  • Organizing Children and Youth Mathematical Art Exhibits and Interpreting MathArt-works through a Collaborative, Transdisciplinary Practice 

    Fenyvesi, Kristóf; Brownell, Christopher; Burnard, Pamela; Steyn, Carine; Olivier, Werner; Sinha, Pallawi; Lavicza, Zsolt; Lehto, Saara; Peltonen, Kirsi (Tessellations Publishing, 2020)
    This workshop will build upon a process developed by some of the authors for interpreting the mathematical and artistic knowledge demonstrated in MathArt-works created by children and youth. The participants will be separated ...

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