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  • Uses and Misuses of Data 

    Mathies, Charles (Springer, 2018)
    Higher education is awash with data with more coming every year. Much of this is due to accountability reasons and growing interest from stakeholders (internal and external). New technologies have increasingly allowed ...
  • Collaborative Problem Solving in Finnish Pre-service Teacher Education : A Case Study 

    Ahonen, Arto; Häkkinen, Päivi; Pöysä-Tarhonen, Johanna (Springer International Publishing, 2018)
    This chapter provides results from a case study utilising the ATC21STM assessment portal in the context of pre-service teacher education in Finland. The results from the portal are combined with a questionnaire regarding ...
  • Agenda Setting and Policy Development, Higher Education 

    Bacevic, Jana; Nokkala, Terhi (Springer Netherlands, 2018)
    Agenda setting is one of key concepts in the critical or interpretative approaches in the study of policy development. Developed in response to positivist paradigms, which saw policies as largely technical solutions to ...
  • Pedagogical Perspectives in Higher Education Research 

    Tynjälä, Päivi (Springer Netherlands, 2017)
    Higher education pedagogy is a fairly young research field, stemming from early research during the 1970s and growing widely since the 1990s. The following sections present firstly main research lines focusing on student ...
  • Transitions to Working Life: Securing Professional Competence 

    Tynjälä, Päivi; Newton, Jennifer M. (Springer, 2014)
    This chapter examines the transition from education to work as a critical phase of professional career and the development of professional competence Literature on transition to working life has identified several challenges ...

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