Recent Submissions

  • Bibliography of Cultural Texts 

    Duckels, Gabriel; Maine, Fiona; Cook, Victoria; Jaques, Zoe; Macagno, Fabrizio; Rapanta, Chrysi; Gil, Beatriz; Lähdesmäki, Tuuli; Ylönen, Susanne; Zaleskienė, Irena; Duoblienė, Lilija; Juškienė, Vaiva; Kairė, Sandra; Valančienė, Daina; Evagorou, Maria; Hadjianastasi, Maria; Rodosthenous, Marina (2018)
  • Cultural and multimodal analysis of students cultural artefacts 

    Lähdesmäki, Tuuli; Koistinen, Aino-Kaisa; Mäkinen, Katja; Ylönen, Susanne; Zaleskienė, Irena; Baranova, Jūratė; Juškiene, Vaiva; Petronytė, Miglė (2021)
  • Cultural Analysis Framework 

    Lähdesmäki, Tuuli; Koistinen, Aino-Kaisa; Ylönen, Susanne; Zaleskiene, Irena; Duobliené, Lilija; Kaire, Sandra; Maine, Fiona; Cook, Victoria (2019)
  • Policy Brief: Dialogue, Argumentation, and Creative Practices as Tools in Cultural Literacy Learning in Europe 

    Mäkinen, Katja; Lähdesmäki, Tuuli (2021)
    One of the greatest challenges in today’s European societies is the polarization of societal groups and opinions. Attempts to tackle this challenge need to start from children and young people. Cultural literacy ...
  • Policy Brief: Clarifying Culture-Related Concepts in European Education Policies 

    Lähdesmäki, Tuuli; Koistinen, Aino-Kaisa; Ylönen, Susanne (2019)
    Education policies are crucial means to enhance peaceful co- existence in a culturally diverse Europe. Culture is, however, a challenging policy topic as general references to it may raise a question of ‘what and whose ...
  • Policy Brief: Developing Education Policies in Europe to Enhance Cultural Literacy 

    Lähdesmäki, Tuuli; Koistinen, Aino-Kaisa; Ylönen, Susanne; Zaleskienė, Irena; Duoblienė, Lilija; Kairė, Sandra; Maine, Fiona; Cook, Victoria; Harrison, Fiona (2019)
    Europe needs education policies that seek to advance intercultural dialogue in a way which reflects the super-diversity of today’s Europe, support respect for diversity and difference, and enable the growth of young ...