Maakirjakartat 1600-luku

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Geometric land books


Maps drawn in the 17th century are referred to as geometric land books (Fin: maakirjakartta, Swe:jordebokkarta). The maps were needed for exercising the rights of the Swedish crown, and they depict the land belonging to farms and villages. The related economic and taxation information was included in the explanatory notes. As a rule, the maps were made before the first major land reform carried out in Finland.<br/> <br/> The geographic mapping of vast areas began at the same time as the compilation of geometric land books, and for this purpose large-scale maps were scaled down and then combined, and here the details of the map were helpful. Even by international standards, the geometric land books were an outstanding achievement in cartography. The extraordinary size of the map collection and the geographic scope makes it unique. A total of 1,500 maps were made. <i>(Text:</i> Niko Saatsi, National Land Survey of Finland, Archive Centre)<br/> <br/> The files can be freely copied for educational, scholarly and other non-commercial use.

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