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dc.contributor.authorKarhinen, Joonas
dc.contributor.authorTaipale, Sakari
dc.contributor.authorTammelin, Mia
dc.contributor.authorHämäläinen, Antti
dc.contributor.authorHirvonen, Helena
dc.contributor.authorOinas, Tomi
dc.identifier.citationKarhinen, J., Taipale, S., Tammelin, M., Hämäläinen, A., Hirvonen, H. & Oinas, T. 2019. <em>Eldercare work and technology. 2019 University of Jyväskylä survey study on eldercare work : Overview of survey data.</em>en
dc.description.abstractUniversity of Jyväskylä has launched a survey study on eldercare work aimed to obtain information on 1) employees working with services for older people, 2) the nature of the work and working conditions in services for older people and 3) a current view of the use of technology in services for older people. The goal is to examine how the use of digital technologies is linked to working conditions, daily work routines and care relationships and to monitor the nature of care work and its digitalisation during 2019-2025. The first baseline survey was conducted on April 2019 resulting with 6 903 answers and of the respondents, 3,758 joined the respondent panel. The 2019 survey data shows that interest towards the technology is relatively high among the respondents. Most of them estimated that they use digital applications or ICT devices in their work approximately a quarter of their working time. Over half of the respondents reported about suffering from interruptions or slowness to start working because of the technological malfunctions at least once a week and almost third of them at least once a day.en
dc.rightsIn Copyright
dc.subject.othercare worken
dc.subject.otherdigital technologyen
dc.subject.otherworking conditionsen
dc.subject.otherquestionnaire surveyen
dc.titleEldercare work and technology. 2019 University of Jyväskylä survey study on eldercare work : Overview of survey dataen
dc.rights.copyright© The Authors, 2019

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