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dc.contributor.authorBerry, T. A.
dc.contributor.authorPodolyák, Zs.
dc.contributor.authorCarroll, R. J.
dc.contributor.authorLică, R.
dc.contributor.authorGrawe, H.
dc.contributor.authorTimofeyuk, N. K.
dc.contributor.authorAlexander, T.
dc.contributor.authorAndreyev, A. N.
dc.contributor.authorAnsari, S.
dc.contributor.authorBorge, M. J. G.
dc.contributor.authorCreswell, J.
dc.contributor.authorFynbo, H. O. U.
dc.contributor.authorGelletly, W.
dc.contributor.authorGerst, R.-B.
dc.contributor.authorGórska, M.
dc.contributor.authorGredley, A.
dc.contributor.authorGreenlees, Paul
dc.contributor.authorHarkness-Brennan, L. J.
dc.contributor.authorHuyse, M.
dc.contributor.authorJudge, S. M.
dc.contributor.authorJudson, D. S.
dc.contributor.authorKonki, Joonas
dc.contributor.authorKurcewicz, J.
dc.contributor.authorKuti, I.
dc.contributor.authorLalkovski, S.
dc.contributor.authorLazarus, I.
dc.contributor.authorLund, M.
dc.contributor.authorMadurga, M.
dc.contributor.authorMărginean, N.
dc.contributor.authorMărginean, R.
dc.contributor.authorMarroquin, I.
dc.contributor.authorMihai, C.
dc.contributor.authorMihai, R. E.
dc.contributor.authorNácher, E.
dc.contributor.authorNae, S.
dc.contributor.authorNegret, A.
dc.contributor.authorNiţă, C.
dc.contributor.authorPascu, S.
dc.contributor.authorPage, R. D.
dc.contributor.authorPatel, Z.
dc.contributor.authorPerea, A.
dc.contributor.authorPucknell, V.
dc.contributor.authorRahkila, Panu
dc.contributor.authorRapisarda, E.
dc.contributor.authorRegan, P. H.
dc.contributor.authorRotaru, F.
dc.contributor.authorShand, C. M.
dc.contributor.authorSimpson, E. C.
dc.contributor.authorSotty, Ch.
dc.contributor.authorStegemann, S.
dc.contributor.authorStora, T.
dc.contributor.authorTengblad, O.
dc.contributor.authorTurturica, A.
dc.contributor.authorVan Duppen, P.
dc.contributor.authorVedia, V.
dc.contributor.authorWadsworth, R.
dc.contributor.authorWalker, P. M.
dc.contributor.authorWarr, N.
dc.contributor.authorWearing, F.
dc.contributor.authorDe Witte, H.
dc.identifier.citationBerry, T. A., Podolyák, Z., Carroll, R. J., Lică, R., Grawe, H., Timofeyuk, N. K., . . . De Witte, H. (2019). Investigation of the Δn = 0 selection rule in Gamow-Teller transitions : The β-decay of 207Hg. <em>Physics Letters B</em>, 793, 271-275. <a href="">doi:10.1016/j.physletb.2019.04.039</a>fi
dc.description.abstractGamow-Teller β decay is forbidden if the number of nodes in the radial wave functions of the initial and final states is different. This Δn = 0 requirement plays a major role in the β decay of heavy neutron-rich nuclei, affecting the nucleosynthesis through the increased half-lives of nuclei on the astrophysical r-process pathway below both Z = 50 (for N > 82) and Z = 82 (for N >126). The level of forbiddenness of the Δn = 1ν1g9/2 → π0g7/2 transition has been investigated from the β− decay of the ground state of 207Hg into the single-proton-hole nucleus 207Tl in an experiment at the ISOLDE Decay Station. From statistical observational limits on possible γ-ray transitions depopulating the π0g7/2−1 state in 207Tl, an upper limit of 3.9 × 10−3% was obtained for the probability of this decay, corresponding to log ft > 8.8 within a 95% confidence limit. This is the most stringent test of the Δn = 0 selection rule to
dc.publisherElsevier BV
dc.relation.ispartofseriesPhysics Letters B
dc.rightsCC BY 4.0
dc.subject.otherGamow-Teller transitionsfi
dc.titleInvestigation of the Δn = 0 selection rule in Gamow-Teller transitions : The β-decay of 207Hgfi
dc.contributor.laitosFysiikan laitosfi
dc.contributor.laitosDepartment of Physicsen
dc.rights.copyright© 2019 The Authors. Published by Elsevier B.V.

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