Recent Submissions

  • Wittgenstein and the Practical Turn in Business Ethics 

    Deslandes, Ghislain (Business and Organization Ethics Network (BON), 2011)
    The significant influence of Ludwig Wittgenstein in social science is partly due to the central role played by the practical dimension, which is inherent in his philosophy. Nowadays, the latter is drawing strong interest ...
  • Does Luxury Indicate Sustainability? An Analysis of the Maldives 

    de-Miguel-Molina, Blanca; de-Miguel-Molina, Maria; Rumiche-Sosa, Mariela (Business and Organization Ethics Network (BON), 2011)
    The environment of small tourism islands, as climate and coastal resources, make them favourable locations for luxury resorts. However, tourism can cause a threat to these islands’ local environment. Thus, the Maldives ...
  • Managing Mental Standards with Corporate Citizenship Profiles 

    Olkkonen, Laura; Luoma-aho, Vilma (Business and Organization Ethics Network (BON), 2011)
    Stakeholder expectations of corporate responsibility are growing and thus understanding the dynamics of expectations is becoming important for companies. Stakeholder expectations that are met open doors for stakeholder ...
  • Creating a Conceptual Model for Building Responsible Brands 

    Kujala, Johanna; Penttilä, Katriina; Tuominen, Pekka (Business and Organization Ethics Network (BON), 2011)
    Despite the importance of brands in mediating corporate social responsibility, there has been relatively little research on how responsible brands are developed from the internal perspective of the company. Some research has ...
  • From Theory to Practice in Business Ethics 

    Siltaoja, Marjo; Lämsä, Anna-Maija (Business and Organization Ethics Network (BON), 2011)
  • Transcending Business Ethics: Insights from Jung and Maslow 

    Rozuel, Cécile (Business and Organization Ethics Network (BON), 2011)
    Although the very idea of business ethics is no longer assumed to be an oxymoron, there remains a substantial tension between the field of ethics and that of business. The different paradigms tend to lead to one-sided ...
  • Determinants of Sustainability Disclosure in the Global Forest Industry 

    Li, N.; Toppinen, A.; Tuppura, A.; Puumalainen, K.; Hujala, M. (Business and Organization Ethics Network (BON), 2011)
    This study aims to investigate the current patterns and determinants of sustainability disclosure in the global forest industry. Under the extensive quantifiable measures and occurrences of the Global Reporting Initiative ...