Recent Submissions

  • Book reviews 

    Various (2005)
  • Creativity in performance 

    Clarke, Eric F. (2005)
      This paper examines different ways in which the notion of creativity has been used in relation to performance, and discusses psychological research on the topic. A considerable amount of this research is concerned with ...
  • Alibis, and why performers don t have them 

    Gritten, Anthony (2005)
      Musical performers confront, deal with, and participate in musical "events". These musical events present the performer with a number of obligations to uphold. One particular kind of obligation precedes and overrides the ...
  • Nonverbal behaviours in popular music performance: A case study of The Corrs 

    Kurosawa, Kaori; Davidson, Jane W. (2005)
       The aim of this study was to investigate performer nonverbal behaviour in popular music performance in order to understand the use and functions of gestures, postures, and facial expression. To this end, the study begins ...
  • Mastery through imitation: A preliminary study 

    Lisboa, Tania; Williamon, Aaron; Zicari, Massimo; Eiholzer, Hubert (2005)
         A paradox exists between the long history of teaching music through imitative strategies and the demand to possess original artistic insight. This article addresses this paradox by investigating the general musical ...
  • Interpretation and performance in Bryn Harrison s être-temps 

    Clarke, Eric; Cook, Nicholas; Harrison, Bryn; Thomas, Philip (2005)
         The majority of studies of performance focus on the tonal and metric music of the common-practice period, studied at the moment of performance rather than over a period of rehearsal, and usually divorced from the ...
  • Studying a creative act with computers: Music performance studies with automated discovery methods 

    Widmer, Gerhard (2005)
      The purpose of this article is to demonstrate how advanced computer methods may be able to provide new insights into a complex creative activity such as music performance. The context is an inter-disciplinary research ...