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  • Book reviews 

    Various (2006)
  • Teamgeist im Orchester: Das Zusammenspiel zwischen Flow und Führung 

    Boerner, Sabine; Von Streit, Christian Freiherr (2006)
       Der Beitrag untersucht Bedingungen und Effekte eines kooperativen Klimas unter den Musikern eines Symphonieorchesters. Ein kooperatives Klima, d.h. gegenseitige Wertschätzung und Zusammenhalt der Orchestermusiker, ...
  • Audience responses to a live orchestral concert 

    Thompson, Sam (2006)
      A sample of concertgoers attending a concert of orchestral music was asked to give ratings of the performance during the interval. Analysis of the data suggested that listeners with higher levels of formal musical training ...
  • Emotion perceived and emotion felt: Same and different 

    Kallinen, Kari; Ravaja, Niklas (2006)
       The goal of the present study was to examine the relationships and differences between emotion perceived (i.e., the emotional quality expressed by music) and emotion felt (i.e., the individual's emotional response to ...
  • The use of experience-sampling methods to monitor musical imagery in everyday life 

    Bailes, Freya A. (2006)
      Little is known about the prevalence or nature of the everyday experience of imagining music in the "mind's ear". An obstacle has been the reliance on indirect, retrospective reporting. Musical imagery research to date ...
  • Perception and performance of aksak metres 

    Moelants, Dirk (2006)
      In this paper different aspects of the fast odd metres found in the Balkan (aksak) are studied. Comparing their temporal characteristics with thresholds of rhythm perception, it is shown that the basic regular unit is ...