Restricted use

You can search Jyväskylä University Digital Archive either by Browsing the collections or by Searching for items.


Browse takes you through the communities in the main page and allows you to see the subcollections and items in each collection. For example: Master's and licentiate theses -> Department of physics -> Item title -> Open the file. Clicking the field name "Date" rearranges the items by date.

Write the search word in the search bar and click "Go". The word will be searched against the title, author, subject descriptors and publishing year of each item's record, in some cases against the full texts as well. The web browser's "Find" tool can be used to search for words in the document in screen.

To search all of JYX, use the search box at the home page. To limit your search to a specific collection, navigate to that collection and use the search bar on that page. To change the option, click a radio button under the search bar.

Search by Author

  • Enter "surname, forename". Note the quotes ("") around, and the colon (,) between the names. The search is not case sensitive.

Search by Title

  • Put the item title in quotes (""): "Images of Japan and the Japanese"


  • Truncate the search word with an asterisc (*). For example: paint* will retrieve all hits having words starting with that root: paint, painter, painting, painted etc.

Phrase Searching

  • use quotes (") to search for a phrase: "organizational change"
  • NOTE! the quotes must also be used in searching authors: "surname, forename"

Boolean searching

Boolean operators AND, OR and NOT can be used to combine terms. Note that they must be CAPITALIZED!

  • literature AND gender will retrieve all items that contain BOTH the words "literature" AND "gender"
  • education OR training will retrieve all items that contain EITHER the words "literature" OR "gender". The two search words separated with a space gives the same result: education training
  • literature NOT gender will retrieve all items that contain the word "literature", EXCEPT those also containing the word "gender"
  • NOTE! A search without any Boolean operators works as if the search terms were connected with OR.
  • Parentheses can be used to group search terms into sets, and operators can then be applied to the whole set: (gender OR feminis* OR women) AND (biograph* OR life*)
  • Search with the operator OR results in a list where those items containing both/all search terms are at the top of the list

Restricted use

Due to copyright regulations, part of the contents of JYX is available only at the Jyväskylä University Main Library, Studia Room B 288, 2nd floor. Ask for help at the Information Service, 2nd floor.