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dc.identifier.other kt1_0660 fi
dc.identifier.uri fi
dc.language.iso fin
dc.rights The Finnish folk song database is available for research purposes (that is, noncommercial) provided that the attribution is maintained, i.e., you must give the original authors credit. fi
dc.title kt1_0660 fi
dc.type Sound en
dc.identifier.urn URN:NBN:fi:jyu-201103243912 fi
esavelmat.muistiinpanija O. A. J. Carlenius fi
esavelmat.leveysaste 0.000 fi
esavelmat.pituusaste 0.000 fi
esavelmat.kokoelma Kansantanssit fi
esavelmat.sivu-kokoelmassa 498 fi
esavelmat.tahtilaji 2/4 fi
esavelmat.savellaji D fi
esavelmat.sanat - fi
esavelmat.intervalli -3+3-2-1-2+0+0+2+1-3+3-1-2-2+0+7-3+3-2-1-2+0+0+2+1-3+3-1-2-2+0+2+0+2+1+2-2-3+2+1+2-2-1-4+0+2+0+2+1+2-2-3+2+1+2-2-1-4+0 fi
esavelmat.parson dudddrruududddrududddrruududddruruuudduuudddruruuudduuudddr fi
esavelmat.type Muutamia 2/4 polskia

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