K305 Alvar

Journecology - Engaging media for worldwide scientific research


Matthew Jarvis
Victoria Stanley


At each moment, the world is more connected than it has ever been before, and the power of social media can give people global presence whilst staying within their bedrooms. With the ever-tightening grip of climate change, communicating science effectively is imperative, yet we live in a fleeting online world where the average tweet lives for just 15 minutes before dissolving into history. Engaging audiences from the offset is vital, and this is our goal at Journecology, an exciting new media platform for environmental initiatives worldwide. Journecology was established after the realisation that so much fantastic research becomes lost in the academic bubble, rather than being distributed in a friendlier format to a wider audience. We aim to work alongside scientific initiatives across the globe and accurately portray their research to simultaneously increase awareness, funding opportunities and outreach. Journecology prioritises visual media to engage, producing specifically targeted video outputs across online platforms. Our combination of travel with science draws upon the vast and open-minded tourism community to circulate these outputs, whilst providing a visually diverse backdrop for our work. At this talk I will present the 'journey' of Journecology thus far, outlining what we have learnt, and how we intend to take it to the next level.