K301 Felix

Does EU matter for Conservation? The Birds and Habitats directives from a Nordic perspective


Lina Widenfalk
Bengt-Gunnar Jonsson
Jan Olof Helldin
Erik Öckinger
Åsa Berggren


The EU Birds and Habitats directives (and the associated Natura 2000 network) has recently been evaluated within the so called "Fitness Check" (EC 2016). This has resulted in a new Action Plan aiming to "rapidly improve practical implementation of the Nature Directives and accelerate progress towards the EU 2020 goal of halting and reversing the loss of biodiversity and ecosystem services, including in relation to climate resilience and mitigation" (EC 2017). However, not all European Countries belong to the EU and conservation efforts has clearly been taken also in the countries not belonging to EU. During this workshop we aim to explore to what extent the EU system provides added value to efforts taken at national level in non-EU countries. By contrasting the Nordic nations, we may be able to identify which aspects that are supported by international initiatives. Among the Nordic nations, Finland, Sweden and Denmark are members while Norway and Iceland are not.

Although ecological differences exist, the Nordic countries share many common aspects both concerning ecosystems, environmental policies and legislation. The workshop will open with short statements given by researchers, governmental representatives and legal expertise, and include a panel discussion to which the participants are invited to contribute. The workshop will highlight what is known today about the effects of EU legalisation on conservation work, but more importantly to identify gaps in our current knowledge and pointing at new research (and possible co-operation) needed.