K307 Elsi

The Urban Biodiversity Hub: A Webtool and Interactive Database to Connect Scientists and Practitioners


Mike Bruford
Jennifer Pierce
Pablo Arturo López Guijosa
Mika Tan


Urban biodiversity has been demonstrated to increase resilience and improve ecological and human health and well-being; however, many local governments currently lack the capacity to develop and manage urban biodiversity strategies. The Urban Biodiversity Hub (UBHub) is a new web tool that increases the capacity of cities to make decisions for urban biodiversity planning and management. One of the main goals of UBHub is to support local governments through providing resources, connections, and ultimately by funneling funding to those who most need it. In the long term, we seek to promote biodiversity mainstreaming, the integration of associated tools, and awareness of biodiversity planning.

UBHub will be previewing our online platform comprising (1) a searchable map of urban biodiversity activities around the world covering over 900 activities and frameworks; (2) myHub, a tracking tool for cities to measure their progress towards urban biodiversity protection; and (3) an experts forum connecting cities, practitioners, and researchers. The platform is designed to increase the capacity of cities to plan for and manage biodiversity, and to foster the development and refinement of biodiversity indicators.

UBHub was founded in 2016 at the 13th Conference of the Parties of the Convention on Biological Diversity by like-minded individuals who saw the need for a one-stop shop for all things on urban biodiversity. It has since grown into an international all-volunteer powerhouse that has produced the largest known urban biodiversity database and is developing the first customizable tool for biodiversity indicator development for local governments. Our partners include international NGOs and academic groups as well as leading cities.