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The Effect of hydration/ dehydration cycles on hatching efficiency, growth and survival of Artemia parthenogenetica


Mina Ramezani


The aim of this research is study the effects of hydration/ dehydration cycles on the hatching percentage, survival and growth of Artemia parthenogenetica cysts.

Experiments were carried out in three treatments from one to three hydration/ dehydration cycles. Then cysts hatching percentage of each treatment was determined in 3 replicates according to the standard method. Survival and growth were measured on days 8, 11, 15, 20, and 25 of growth. The results indicated that two hydration/ dehydration cycles nearly increases hatching percentage and survival of Artemia parthenogenetica cysts (86.38%) comparing to control group (85.79%). Excess hydration/dehydration cycles cause a reduction in survival percentage. Therefore the survival percentage in three hydration/dehydration cycles is significantly lower than other treatments. But growth of Artemia parthenogenetica is not significantly affected by cyclic hydration/dehydration.

To sum up, in Artemia parthenogenetica, against other species of Artemia, hydration/dehydration cycles are not essential, and performing it decreases cyst hatching percentage.

Keywords: Artemia parthenogenetica, Hatching, Cyst, Hydration/ Dehydration.