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Pedaforum 2016 Conference presentations
Ecological Awareness in Chinese Contemporary Art Interviews (dataset)
vanhakartta.fi Historical maps of Finland

  • Neutrinoless ββ nuclear matrix elements using isovector spin-dipole Jπ = 2− data 

    Jokiniemi, Lotta; Ejiri, H.; Frekers, D.; Suhonen, Jouni (American Physical Society, 2018)
    Ground-state-to-ground-state neutrinoless double-beta (0νββ) decays in nuclei of current experimental interest are revisited. In order to improve the reliability of the nuclear matrix element (NME) calculations for the ...
  • Asymmetric Synthesis of Spirocyclic β‐Lactams via Copper‐Catalyzed Kinugasa/Michael Domino Reactions 

    Shu, Tao; Zhao, Long; Li, Sun; Chen, Xiang-Yu; von Essen, Carolina; Rissanen, Kari; Enders, Dieter (Wiley, 2018)
    The first copper‐catalyzed highly chemo‐, regio‐, diastereo‐, and enantioselective Kinugasa/Michael domino reaction for the desymmetrization of prochiral cyclohexadienones is described. In the presence of a chiral copper ...
  • Study of non-fusion products in the 50Ti + 249Cf reaction 

    Nitto, A. Di; Khuyagbaatar, J.; Ackermann, D.; Andersson, L.-L.; Badura, E.; Block, M.; Brand, H.; Conrad, I.; Cox, D. M.; Düllmann, Ch. E.; Dvorak, J.; Eberhardt, K.; Ellison, P. A.; Esker, N. E.; Even, J.; Fahlander, C.; Forsberg, U.; Gates, J. M.; Golubev, P.; Gothe, O.; Gregorich, K. E.; Hartmann, W.; Herzberg, R. D.; Heßberger, F. P.; Hoffmann, J.; Hollinger, R.; Hübner, A.; Jäger, E.; Kindler, B.; Klein, S.; Kojouharov, I.; Kratz, J. V.; Krier, J.; Kurz, N.; Lahiri, S.; Lommel, B.; Maiti, M.; Mändl, R.; Merchán, E.; Minami, S.; Mistry, A. K.; Mokry, C.; Nitsche, H.; Omtvedt, J. P.; Pang, G. K.; Renisch, D.; Rudolph, D.; Runke, J.; Sarmiento, L. G.; Schädel, M.; Schaffner, H.; Schausten, B.; Semchenkov, A.; Steiner, J.; Thörle-Pospiech, P.; Trautmann, N.; Türler, A.; Uusitalo, Juha; Ward, D.; Wegrzecki, M.; Wieczorek, P.; Wiehl, N.; Yakushev, A.; Yakusheva, V. (Elsevier BV, 2018)
    The isotopic distribution of nuclei produced in the 50Ti + 249Cf reaction has been studied at the gas-filled recoil separator TASCA at GSI Darmstadt, which separates ions according to differences in magnetic rigidity. The ...
  • Early life stress and frailty in old age : the Helsinki birth cohort study 

    M. J. Haapanen; M. M. Perälä; M. K. Salonen; E. Kajantie; M. Simonen; P. Pohjolainen; A. K. Pesonen; K. Räikkönen; J. G. Eriksson; von Bonsdorff, Mikaela (BioMed Central, 2018)
    Background Evidence suggests that early life stress (ELS) may extend its effect into adulthood and predispose an individual to adverse health outcomes. We investigated whether wartime parental separation, an indicator ...
  • An integrative review of the enjoyment of sadness associated with music 

    Eerola, Tuomas; Vuoskoski, Jonna; Peltola, Henna-Riikka; Putkinen, Vesa; Schäfer, Katharina (Elsevier BV, 2018)
    The recent surge of interest towards the paradoxical pleasure produced by sad music has generated a handful of theories and an array of empirical explorations on the topic. However, none of these have attempted to weigh ...

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